We are an unconsultancy, connecting the dots of your service experience

why do you need an unconsultant?

You are looking for a consultant, and holistique.design is an unconsultancy. What is that, and why should we even talk? Because you do not need a consultant – you need a solution. We don’t just come in, give you recommendations, and walk out. Rather, we are with you from discovery to implementation, making sure the goal we set out is achieved. We merge the views of business, technology, and experience of all stakeholders. That is unconsulting. That is holistique. We will make wonderful services together, digital and beyond.

Which challenges will we solve?

When you want to 


You have the big idea, but not sure how to make it work in the market. You have the vision, but not sure about the road that leads there.

When you are ready to 


Things are working well in your company. But you want them to be working better, and better, and better. When you are solving a problem, but unsure if it’s the right one.

When you need to 


When you are fully clear about your service, but not so much about your customers. When you have the technology, but not yet the use case.​

When you have to 

get things done

You have heard it all before, read the articles and the books. But now you need someone to roll up their sleeves and make ideas happen.

what will we do together?



I am not the expert. You, your users, your partners, and myself – we are the experts, together. We will start with current-state analysis, interviews, workshops. And to ensure we are on track, we will use research continuously.

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Your audiences do not think in apps or interfaces. They need their problems solved. Let’s identify problems, touchpoints, and stakeholders across physical and digital space, and define your service experience together.

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Creating is easy. Creating the right thing is hard. Let’s build the right thing together, by defining who you serve, where you play, how to win, and how to communicate. Let’s think big together!

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No matter how great your vision, business model or service is, if the digital interface under-delivers. We will build a great experience at the right touchpoints. A digital product is never done, but we can always make it better.

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Why choose holistique?

  • 17 years of international experience in enterprise, startup, agency and freelance environments
  • EMBA in management of technology and innovation from Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, best of class
  • Expertise in experience design, strategy, communication, product- and project management
  • B2B, B2C and B2B2C experience
  • Work at the intersection of technology, business, and human-centered design
  • Combination of strategic and hands-on expertise
  • Big picture & tiny details – now that is holistique

What do clients think?

THEY TRUST Holistique

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Let's meet!

crowd of 100 people at holistique.design's grassroots event series

For the past 6 years we have been organizing the Digital Strategy and UX Meetup. This is Geneva’s largest and most active grassroots event series at the intersection of technology, business and human-centered design. Our aim is to bring together the digital community of the Lake Geneva area.
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Together with corporate, academic and agency partners, we co-founded the Swiss Chapter of the Service Design Network in late 2018. Our goal is to invigorate and grow the service design practice across all regions of Switzerland.
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crowd at service design event participating in a presentation