I'm Peter Horvath, an unconsultant living in Switzerland, focusing on experience and service design.

Wait, what... an unconsultant?

You are looking for a consultant, and I am an unconsultant. What is that, and why should we even talk? Because you do not need a consultant – you need a solution. I don’t just come in, act like I know everything, and walk out. Rather, I am with you from discovery to implementation, making sure the goal we set out is achieved. Now that is unconsulting. That is holistique. You and I will make beautiful services together, digital and beyond.

what will we do together?



I am not the expert. You, your users, your partners, and myself are the experts, together. We will start with current-state analysis, interviews, workshops. And to ensure we are on track, we will use research continuously.



Your audience does not think in apps or interfaces. They think in services. Multiple touchpoints, many stakeholders, across physical and digital space. Let’s define your experience map together.



You have your vision. It is probably inspirational. Let’s make it also actionable. To make your vision a reality, I will work with you to define where to play, how to win, and what to do when.



Creating is easy. Creating the right thing is hard. Let’s build the right thing with research, testing, user flows, wireframes, a design system, and proper onboarding. A digital product is never done, but we can make it better.

Why choose me?

I have worked in enterprise, startup, agency and freelance environments. In experience design, strategy, communication, product and project management. In three countries on two continents. I work at the intersection of technology, business, and human-centered design. I approach challenges from many perspectives, and am not tied down by a rigid mindset. I look at details without losing sight of the big picture. Now that is holistique.

How do clients see me?

Peter is not your normal consultant. He takes a keen interest in your project, gathers all the necessary background information beyond "just looking good", and is truly interested in identifying the best possible solution. In addition, he's very approachable and a pure pleasure to work with.
Thorsten Arndt
PEFC Head of communications
A brilliant mind.
Olivier Kennedy
enigma Founder & CEO
Peter has a very sharp and quick mind, capable of bringing substantial value in the whole business spectrum from valid insights and observations, setting the strategic direction, to solid hands-on delivery.
Johan Franzen
Entnest Founder & CEO

we should definitely talk

Geneva, Switzerland

+41 78 670 09 79

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